Let Verification Vault be the source for all your verbal contract recording needs. 

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Let Verification Vault be the source for all your verbal contract recording needs.

Since 1999

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Verification Vault can offer a complete turnkey system for your verbal contract recording needs.

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About Verification Vault

Professional Verbal Contract Recording Services

Verification Vault has been providing state of the art Verbal Contract Recording Services by Phone for over 20+ years, since 1999.

Everyone has a disgruntled customer now and again who is absolutely positive that your company promised her something that you know you didn’t. We will retrieve and play the past recording of the conversation your displeased consumer had with the sales representative originally.

Verification Vault helps you take charge of chargebacks – Keep your money where it belongs. Whether it be in your pocket, bank or under the mattress, we don’t care where you keep your money, just as long as you keep it.


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Popular Verbal Contract Recording Applications…

Verbal Contracts

We provide verbal verification and create verbal contracts over the phone. 

Third Party Verification

Automated Third Party Verification works by calling into the dedicated phone number.

Call Recording Storage

We offer call recording storage and retrieval that is easy to access.

What We Do

Verbal Contract Service

Required by law for companies doing Telesales and collecting payments over the phone.


Verbal Contract Services

Meets requirements for the Telesales Compliance of the Telemarketing Sales Rule or TSR.


Are Verbal Contracts Legal?

A Verbal Contract contract between two parties is an enforcable agreement as long as the conversation is recorded by a third party that can prove chain of custody.


Meets Telemarketing Sale Rule

Verbal Contracts meets compliance for the Telemarketing Sales Rule.


What is a Verbal Contract?

A verbal contract is a legal binding verbal agreement between to parties.


Call Recording Storage

We will store your call recording files so you can access them at your own convenience.


Third Party Call Recording

Verbal Contract is used for Third Party Verification and Third Party Call Recording.

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Verification Vault

Why Choose Us?

We offer high quality turnkey services for a very reasonable price. We have experience working with all types and sizes of businesses over the last 20 + years. We give our customers the one on one attention they need to get up and running. Upon signup, we will walk you through how to use our system step by step and answer any question you may have.

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  • No Hardware or Software Required
  • Reduce Scope of PCI requirements
  • Call Recording Storage Options
  • Works with every type of phone
  • Works with all major carriers
  • Easy access to recordings
  • Flexible Services
  • Fast Integration

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Need Verbal Contract Recording Services?

Need Verbal Contract Recording Services?

Verification Vault is able to provide you with the best voice recording services on the market, at an affordable price. We will work with your business to offer a custom solution to fit your needs.


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